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0730-0830 Registration
Keynote Lecture: Nutrition
Chairperson: Lee WS
Nutrition In The First 1000 Days: Impact on Long-term Health Outcome
Sirinuch Chomtho, Thailand
Plenary Lecture
Chairperson: Chris Boey
Lessons Learnt from GUSTO Study Lee Yung Seng, Singapore
0930-1000 Opening Ceremony and Launch of Cow's Milk Protein Allergy CPG 2nd Edition
1000-1030 Tea and Poster Viewing 
Symposium 1:
Growth and Nutrition
Chairperson: Shikin Ranai
Symposium 2:
Gut Health In Infants and Young Children: The New Kids On The Block?
Chairperson: Chong SY
1030-1100 Barriers To Catch Up Growth 
Marion Aw, Singapore
Gut Health In Infants and Young Children: New Kid On The Block? Alvin Khoh
1100-1130 Iron Deficiency and Cognitive Function
Kam Choy Chen, Malaysia
H. Pylori infection: Overdiagnosed? 
Ong Sik Yong
1130-1200 Specialised Formula, Enteral and Supplementary Feeds
Chong Sze Yee, Malaysia
Common Drug Used In Paediatric GI Practice 
Foo Hee Wei
1200-1300 Lunch Symposium
1300-1430 Lunch Poster Viewing and Exhibition
Symposium 3:
Nutrition In Hospitalised Children
Chairperson: Alvin Khoh
Symposium 4:
Childhood Liver Disease
Chairperson: Kam CC
1430-1500 Malnutrition In Hospitalised Children 
Sirinuch Chomtho, Thailand
Advances and challenges in the medical management of PALF
Chuah Soo Lin, Malaysia
1500-1530 Born Too Early and Born Too Small: Different Strategies For Different Growth Trajectories 
Azanna Bt Ahmad Kamar, Malaysia
Portal Hypertension: Approach and Management 
Karthik Venkatesh, Singapore
1530-1600 Nutrition In The Critically Ill Child
Ani Suraya Bt Abd Rani, Malaysia
Pediatrics Liver Transplant Program In Malaysia - One-Hit Wonders vs. Hit Makers - Sustaining The Program's Success In My Country
Koh Peng Soon, Malaysia
1600-1630 Tea and Poster Viewing 
Plenary Lecture: Gut Microbiome
Chairperson: Chong SY
Immune System-Brain Interactions in Children
Marion Aw, Singapore
2000 Faculty Dinner (by invitation only)
Meet The Expert 1:
Investigating The Liver
Chairperson: Chew Kee Seang
Meet The Expert 2:
Office Paediatrics: Common GI Problems
0730-0750 Basic Biochemistry
Choong CL, Malaysia
GERD in infants
Ee Shu Ching, Malaysia
0750-0810 Radiology
Shikin Ranai, Malaysia
Managment of Constipation
Foo Hee Wei, Malaysia 
0810-0830 Case Discussion
Choong CL/ Shikin Ranai, Malaysia
Recurrent abdominal pain
Chris Boey, Malaysia
Keynote Lecture: Gastroenterology
Chairperson: Ong Sik Yong
Epidemiology and Clinical Features of PIBD: the Malaysian Story Lee Way Seah, Malaysia
Symposium 5:
Chairperson: Choong Chee Liang
Symposium 6:
Childhood Obesity and Liver
Chairperson: Thong Pui Ling
0900-0930 IBD Mimics 
James Huang, Singapore
Microbiome, Obesity and The Liver Veranush Chongsrisawat, Thailand
0930-1000 Management of PIBD In Resource-Limited Settings
Anshu Srivastava, India
Liver Aspects In MAFLD - The Fatal Triple End Organ Injury 
Ng Ruey Terng, Malaysia
1000-1030 Positioning Dietary interventions in PIBD
Chew Kee Seang, Malaysia
Role of dietary intervention in MAFLD
Veranush Chongsrisawat
1030-1040 Abstract (Oral Presentation) Abstract (Oral Presentation)
1040-1050 Abstract (Oral Presentation) Abstract (Oral Presentation)
1050-1100 Abstract (Oral Presentation) Abstract (Oral Presentation)
1100-1130 Tea and Poster Viewing
Symposium 7:
Role of Endoscopy In Children
Chairperson: Foo Hee Wei
Symposium 8:
Food Allergies
Chairperson: Ee Shu Ching
1130-1200 Role of Diagnostic Endoscopy in Children 
Chai Pei Fan, Malaysia
Management of CMPA /in Malaysia: The New Guideline
Adli Ali, Malaysia
1200-1230 Endoscopic Intervention: Esophageal, PEG, Polypectomy, etc 
Andy Dharma, Indonesia
Immunotherapy In Food Allergies: Are We There Yet?
Lee Bee Wah, Singapore
1230-1300 Management of Foreign Body Inhalation: ENT Perspective
Jeyanthi Kulasegarah, Malaysia
Eosinophilic GI Disease In Children and The Role of Food Allergens
Chiou Fang Kuan, Singapore
1300-1400 Lunch Symposium
Symposium 9:
Pre-, Pro, and Synbiotics In Children
Chairperson: Chai Pei Fan
Symposium 10:
The Role of The Surgeon In Paediatric GI Conditions
Chairperson: Ng Ruey Terng
1400-1430 Gut Microbiome and Leaky Gut 
James Huang, Singapore
Perianal Diseases
Tan Wei Sheng, Malaysia
1430-1500 Pre-, Pro- and Synbiotics For The Management of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disorders 
Andy Dharma, Indonesia
Refractory Constipation
Shireen Anne Nah, Malaysia
1500-1530 Gut Dysbiosis In Autism: What's The Evidence?
Subhashini Jayanath, Malaysia
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Tan Yew Wei, Malaysia
1530-1600 Tea and Poster Viewing
Plenary Lecture: Prevention of Food Allergies
Chairperson: Ng Ruey Terng
Lee Bee Wah, Singapore
1630-1700 Closing Ceremony + Prize Giving
September 14, 2023
9:00 – 10:20 AM Welcome and introduction Seung-Hyun KIM, Korea
Albert KOO, Malaysia
Calaneet BALAS, United States
Presentation and Discussion
How do you see the fundamental rights of People Living with ALS/MND and their caregivers, in your region.
Jessica MABE, Colombia
Cathy CUMMINGS, Canada
Lightning talk – Japan ALS Association
Beyond ALS
Hitomi HASEBE, Japan
Katsushi TAMAKI, Japan
Lightning talk – MND Australia and Fight MND
The MND Collective – leveraging research collaboration into better outcomes for people living with MND
Gethin THOMAS, Australia
10:20 – 10:50 AM Coffee Break  
10:50 – 12:20 PM Discussion
Assistive technologies -Necessity is the mother of invention
David ALI, Australia
Sara FELDMAN, United States
David MEISSNER, United States
Sakinah SABIRIN, Malaysia
Lightning talk – Asha Ek Hope Foundation
Exciting update from India
Ajay GUPTA, India
Lightning Talk – QurAlis
Challenges of ALS/MND clinical trials & opportunities in Asia-Pacific

Kristina JOHNSON, United States

12:20 – 1:20 PM Lunch  
1:20 – 2:25 PM Discussion
Education and resources in ALS/MND
Melinda KAVANAUGH, United States
Lightning talk - MND Malaysia
How something that negative news can be made made positive
Albert KOO, Malaysia
2:25 – 2:55 PM Coffee Break  
2:55 – 4:40 PM Presentation and Q&A
Emergency preparedness for PALS and CALS

Colleen O´CONNELL, Canada

Presentation and Q&A
Children caregivers
Melinda KAVANAUGH, United States
Lightning talk – MND Malaysia
MND Malaysia Services & Support

Benny NG, Malaysia

Closing Albert KOO, Malaysia
Nortina SHAHRIZAILA, Malaysia
Cathy CUMMINGS, Canada
4:40 – 5:30 PM Networking